Bittersweet Mother’s Day

Hallmark doesn’t have cards for these moms.

Moms for whom Mother’s Day is more burden than sweet.

The obvious grievable stories are ones we know or can imagine…
Moms with children who have passed on
Moms with children with life-threatening illnesses
Moms with children in the criminal justice system

Regardless if these ‘children’ are adults, they’re still their children in their hearts.

But I’m thinking of moms who carry their stories so deep we don’t know to bring casseroles…
Moms with children with addictions
Moms with children with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses
Moms with children living in domestic abuse

And lesser known stories that can leave Mom feeling that Mother’s Day is something to be endured or slept through…
Moms whose children haven’t gained the wisdom of time to realize she did her best
Moms whose children who’ve been swayed to look at her through mud-colored glasses
Moms whose children who are some flavor of abusive

Mom, you deserve to be wished a Happy Mother’s Day.  You’ve done your best.  If you had anything else or different to offer, I know you would have done so.

And leave the ‘should have’ criticism untouched.  If you had known so, you would have done so.

Here’s to Hallmark acknowledging the large population of moms for whom Mother’s Day is a hurdle.

Mr. Donald Hall, CEO of Hallmark Cards, here are some ideas:
“Mom, no one could have done it better.”
“You did your best, Mom.  The rest is up to them.”
“If it wasn’t for you, Mom, their lives would be far less than it is.”
“Be proud of yourself, Mom.  You did all anyone could do.”
“Someday they’ll have one of their own, Mom, and then they’ll understand.”

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL moms!


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