While some of our workshops directly target women in their jobs as mothers, others take a more indirect approach in the belief of ‘as mom is, so goes the family, and thus society’. And each workshop includes a chocolate meditation!

Looking for that special morning or evening get-together just for women? For your club, school or church, God’s Heart and Hands has created a wide-range of topics to meet women “where they are” and empower them in their job as moms.

Have a special topic in mind? Let us know what you’re looking for and we can easily tailor a workshop for your community. Some of the favorites started out as someone asking “Hey, can you…?”

To book a workshop, magazine interview, or radio spot, contact Jane directly at jane@godsheartandhands.org. She maintains her own booking schedule while we, the well-loved, fun-propagating staff, keep the ship afloat by seeing to the other bazillion details of this amazing ministry.

Also, all of the workshops are held where you schedule them. Meaning, Jane comes to you! Please talk to her about her speaking fees. While she wants to support moms everywhere, her financial genius keeps reminding her about the moms she’s supporting on her staff.


Invisible Altars
While few homes have an altar, every family does. Unknowingly, we build and maintain inner altars which hold our values, morals, and even our prejudices. This workshop uses actual altars to understand what we hold sacred about Money, Happiness, Love, Parenting, Family Values, Relationships, Stress, Emotional Rewards, and Motherhood.
This workshop needs only 1-1/2 hours to provide participants with ample time for reflection and discussion.
A Mother's Influence
This perspective-shifting workshop moves the job of motherhood from repetitive mounds of diapers and dishes to a significant contribution to society. The best people we know of, and the worst, were shaped by mothers. Nothing leaves a larger footprint on history than motherhood
This workshop utilizes the power of individual and group sharing to strengthen the community of attendees and works comfortably within a 2-1/2 hour timeframe.
Keeping Your Kids Grounded
Instant gratification, jazzy screens, and a no-responsibility consciousness have created a generation of stressed-out parents. Today's parents face raising their children against unparalleled forces in history and keeping our kids grounded in their faith is no easy task - but definitely doable.
Providing 2-1/2 hours for parents to vent, connect and become empowered, this workshop is tailored for those responsible for tomorrow's adults.
Helping Kids Connect to Mass
Preschoolers fidget, kids are bored and teens whine about going. How can parents get their kids engaged in the celebration of the mass, help them understand what's going on, or, miracle of miracles, actually enjoy going as a family?
Geared towards parents wanting a deeper spiritual connection for their kids, this presentation can be provided in 2 or 3-hours.
Life’s Deck of Cards
Similar to an invisible altar, we carry an inner ‘deck of cards’ that represent the conscious and unconscious decisions we all make in our lives. Rich or poor, citizen or immigrant, gifted or challenged, each of us is given a ‘deck of cards’ upon our birth and how we ‘play’ these cards – Education, Relationships, Mortgage, Dreams, and Growth – shapes our lives and those we love.
A lively and engaging experience, this different look at our lives and the future of our children fits nicely into a 2-hour time slot.
Mary and Martha: Both Women Had a Point
Mary sat, Martha worked. Mary enjoyed, Martha fretted.
Mary didn't notice what Martha did. Mary did notice what Martha didn't.
There's something to be learned from both women.
Within a 2-hour timeframe, women can dig into the biblical story that has stirred conversation and confusion, to come away with clarity and renewed energy for our roles as Mary AND Martha.
Prayer Life of Moms
We have more modern conveniences than our mothers and somehow less time. Prayer time is powerful and sacred yet gets pushed aside by things to do and places to be. An active prayer-life may seem just beyond the to-do list, but it’s actually right in front of us.
Geared towards today’s overscheduled moms, multiple chocolate meditations help participants “keep their mind where their feet are” and walk away from this 2-hour workshop relaxed and empowered.
Keeping the Holidays Holy
Focused on women enduring the holidays rather than enjoying them, this workshop confronts the struggle of keeping Christmas holy amidst today’s uber-commercialism. Addressing aggressive advertising campaigns, marketing directly to children, and over-scheduling our mothers’ generation didn’t have to contend with, participants gain renewed peace, clarity and a personal plan to celebrate, not just survive, the holiday season.
Our most popular workshop, attendees prefer a 3-hour timeframe but it can be tailored to 2-hours.

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